openstack-ansible 12.0.6

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Jesse Pretorius
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1 David Wilde, 2 Kevin Carter, 1 Travis Truman
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093df0a Update plugin for and document per host overrides
843e337 Revise all lint tests and add consolidated 'linters' tox environment
2526373 Added notification options for keystone
362828c Update Defcore test list function
a4d06e1 Separate host group var in hosts plays
c76185a Restart horizon when package/venvs change
03ded45 Set hard requirements for pip
98eced8 Fix rsync service restart in os_swift
2ceb110 Use Swift venv Python interpreter
f72b3d9 Update RabbitMQ to v3.5.7-1
dd4c659 Update plumlib.ini with connector type
3fe1779 Provide logrotate config for rsyncd on Swift storage hosts
6abc65a Update ceph repo
cb89ae0 Ensure that Heat role works with multiple Keystone back-ends
ef5c7f0 Allow sourcing apt_key from ansible host or URL
119bb04 Implement multi-domain LDAP configuration for Keystone
d55cf22 Re-deploy the Keystone venv if it mismatches the repo
25606c2 Re-deploy the Cinder venv if it mismatches the repo
9c5a187 Re-deploy the Heat venv if it mismatches the repo
e8685bb Re-deploy the Nova venv if it mismatches the repo
6ea540c Re-deploy the Neutron venv if it mismatches the repo
138bedf Re-deploy the Aodh venv if it mismatches the repo
5f8cf14 Re-deploy the Glance venv if it mismatches the repo
8b2d70b Re-deploy the Horizon venv if it mismatches the repo
ac9a913 Reduce keystone cache expiration time
77ccbea Don't install openjdk-7-jre into the Utility container
76a5f41 Process git repos in role defaults at low priority
dd14dcd Update nova_rpc_backend to correct setting
552ad8f [DOC] - Remove references to Kibana
aac713d Convert available and minimum disk sizes to bytes.
9354f65 Add ECMP support config for PGLib
e1e827f Neutron ML2 template fix

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1541193 #1541193 Liberty repo-build role builds wrong pip version 3 High Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
1535945 #1535945 documentation suggests verifying missing service kibana 5 Low Travis Truman  10 Fix Released
1537039 #1537039 Liberty release nova_rpc_backend default value 5 Low Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
1536726 #1536726 check-requirements.yml disk space available checks fail on > 1 TB drives 1 Undecided David Wilde  10 Fix Released
1536957 #1536957 config_template fails with unicode error 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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