openstack-ansible 12.0.8

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Jesse Pretorius
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1 Andy McCrae, 1 Jean-Philippe Evrard, 1 Jesse Pretorius, 1 Logan V, 2 Major Hayden, 1 Nolan Brubaker, 2 Travis Truman
1 Implemented
9 Fix Released

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0306a5f Disable Neutron port security driver on upgrades
355f5b9 Add manual upgrade step document
bce182a Gate: Ensure that AIO container apt components match the host
1dbcd50 Fix command not found in scripts lib
edbabe1 Fix supplied identity uri
13a7a84 Gate: Use OpenStack-CI apt mirrors
4dadec6 Make the purpose of the example user_variables file clearer
ec2cae8 rootwrap configuration must be owned by root
17f59f0 Add radvd to neutron containers
4ef63f5 Allow a list of files to be copied into the container cache
005e064 Add ebtables to openstack_hosts role
b909c7d Check local and upstream repo for pip before using pypi
325e035 Minor fixes for App-PLUMgrid doc entry
8b973e5 Set apt sources to use a configured list of components
d09e44e Clarify failure message
47089fa Retry tempest cirros image creation
67f8984 Revert "Exit early from unfinished upgrade script"
6ecba22 Update user variables to Liberty names
53a45dd Run Liberty high level playbooks in upgrade script
067064b Add vexxhost and osic Ubuntu mirror configs to gate check
5ee40ca Fix bugs when running
56a4b41 Restart containers on network configuration change
9c0dbd6 Bypass repo server if missing pip upgrade packages
73101e5 Check correct minimum size for data disk
e892ccf Cap bashate and fix linters tests
d5a3880 Fix cinder client --insecure call when adding device types
97741c7 Fix Swift log directory ownership
01ba49b Add release notes for heat changes
cbf1c93 Fix Bashate E043 - Arithmetic compound has inconsistent return semantics
aafb287 Remove dangling Default domain cfg file
1a970ee Ensure that the repo-server uses upper-constraints
c5ff6c6 Updates all repo SHAs to open up work on 12.0.8
021831a Update new user secrets in Liberty
03cfb7e Information about the keepalived bug when multiple backup nodes have the same priority.
f1db8ad Allow neutron services to move around environment

1 blueprint and 9 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Liberty upgrade path Liberty upgrade path 4 High   11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1556231 #1556231 Rootwrap configuration has incorrect ownership 2 Critical Travis Truman  10 Fix Released
1509312 #1509312 unable to use tenant network after kilo to liberty update due to port security extension 3 High Nolan Brubaker  10 Fix Released
1545505 #1545505 Repo stored version of wheel does not match version installed on repo containers 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1547542 #1547542 Multiple domains in keystone breaks in 12.0.6 3 High Major Hayden  10 Fix Released
1551256 #1551256 network interface changes don't initiate a restart 3 High Andy McCrae  10 Fix Released
1545066 #1545066 Issue with keepalived 1.2.7 when running multiple backup hosts with the same priority 4 Medium Jean-Philippe Evrard  10 Fix Released
1553796 #1553796 openrc --insecure aliases are broken with venvs 4 Medium Travis Truman  10 Fix Released
1510202 #1510202 Add ability to move neutron services around the environment 5 Low Logan V  10 Fix Released
1492080 #1492080 radvd not installed in neutron_agents_container 6 Wishlist Major Hayden  10 Fix Released
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