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A simulation platform for wireless and multi-cellular mobile communication systems.

The project aims to develop an open source system level simulation platform (openWNS) for performance evaluation and comparison of wireless and multi-cellular mobile communication systems. The simulation platform will offer close-to-emulation implementation of the respective protocol stack, including implementations of detailed interference modeling in reference scenarios, mobility models, traffic load generators, statistical evaluation methods and detailed channel models.

Source code is now available at launchpad. Download the openwns-sdk at or see the installation tutorial at

openWNS is a modular simulator and is split into several sub-projects:

openWNS-sdk : Software Development Kit (you should start here)
openWNS-library : The base library providing the simulation framework
openWNS-application : The application that runs a simulation
openWNS-buildsupport : Build support for the SDK as a whole
openWNS-pywns : Python support files for the SDK as a whole

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