Major Update Including IMT-Advanced Evaluation Support

Written for openWNS by Maciej Muehleisen on 2010-02-01

Today, a major update of the RWTH Aachen University Open Source Wireless Network Simulator (openWNS) was uploaded to Launchpad. The WiMAX module has been completely refactored, MIMO models for IEEE 802.11 Draft N have been included and scenario setups as needed for IMT-Advanced evaluations can now be used for all modules. In detail the update includes:

WiMAX module:

The module was completely refactored. It was prepared to support OFDMA and is currently being parameterized for IEEE 802.16e and m frame configurations. The current example configuration uses 10ms frame duration and 100 time slots on a single subchannel.

MIMO / WiFi:

DLL to PHY layer interface was adjusted to support MIMO. This is currently used in the WiFi module DraftN configuration.

Scenario Builder:

A scenario builder framework was created supporting common tasks like base station and user terminal placement, antenna configuration, and traffic setup. An example configuration can be found in the OFDMA-Scanner System Tests

Radio Interference Simulation Engine (RISE):

IMT-Advanced evaluation methodology path-loss and shadowing models for Indoor Hotspot, Urban Micro, Urban Macro, Rural Macro and Suburban Macro are now included.


bin/pytree has been improved generating HTML output. It can now be called without the previously required path arguments with the config file as the only argument. It can be used to visualize the node placement if used with the new Scenario Builder.

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