Improved WiMAX module, IMT-Advanced support, openWNS USB sticks

Written for openWNS by Maciej Muehleisen on 2010-06-11

Another major update of the RWTH Aachen University Open Source Wireless Network Simulator (openWNS) was uploaded to Launchpad. As promised, the IEEE 802.16 WiMAX module "WiMAC" was further enhanced and can now be used in IMT-Advanced compliant evaluation scenarios. Additionally openWNS is now also available on bootable USB sticks.

WiMAX module:

The IEEE 802.16 WiMAX simulator module "WiMAC" is now also capable to support OFDMA. Currently a configuration with scalable bandwidth between 5 MHz and 20 MHz, 1/8 cyclic prefix and Time Division Duplex (TDD) is available. A first test configuration for beamforming and Space Division Multiple Access (SDMA) has also been published.

IMT-Advanced Evaluation:

IMT-Advanced Evaluation Methodology compliant scenarios for Urban Macro, Urban Micro, Rural Macro, Suburban Macro and Indoor Hotspot deployment scenarios have been published to evaluate WiMAX system performance. The scenario setup includes the node deployment, large-scale fading channel model, antenna characteristics and transceiver properties.

openWNS on USB:

We were able to create a fully functional openWNS installation on a bootable USB stick. Go to to download a copy. The minimum requirement is an empty USB stick with at least 8GB capacity. Everything needed to get to know the simulator by completing the openWNS tutorial is already set up.

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