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There needs to be a 3rd Tier of Parliament. A tier that has no hidden agenda, a tier that listens to the people, a tier that can stop bills and acts of Parliament based on the will of the people of the UK. This system will monitor all forms of communications to determine the current level of public support for motions going through Parliament.

The only way this project will work and be trusted is if it is open source and free for people to contribute. 700 years ago, the largest "open source" project began - The Notre Dame, the aim of Parli-E-ment is that it will be built by the people for the people.

We want an intelligent system that reaches out into the internet and monitors public support for motions being carried through Parliament. Users will be able to email, txt, PM into the system and tell it thier opinion. Users will be able to ask the system what current opinion is.

The Aim is to provide a platform for politicians to see how the public react so that they have no excuse when they ignore public support. We are now building a platform that will give them no choicce but to acknowledge our views.

Other than that I have no idea how to build it or where to start. So Ideas in on a post card...

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