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Peter's Backup selectively backs up files in full and incremental sets. You can back up your data files on to disk, diskette, CD or DVD. Peter's backup will keep track of file versions and disks. You can restore any file to any previous version without having to know on which disk or in which backup set it is located. You can create unlimited incremental backups. This saves time, backups and restores are very fast.

Peter's Backup solves problems that the backup programs that come with operating systems as well as commercial backup programs do not address.

Full and incremental backups
Restore a file to any previous version
Automatically keeps track of where every version of each file is stored
Keep track of deleted files so that files that have been removed on purpose are not restored. Note it is always possible to override the default behaviour and restore files that have been deleted.
Supports fixed or removable disks
Does not use archive attributes. You can have multiple sets of backups going at the same time of the same files and they will each be consistent
Use wild-cards and multiple options allowing selective backups of files and exclusion of temporary and work files
Messages and screens are in English, Dutch and German. If anybody is willing to translate into another language some 200 messages, please contact me.

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