Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
PBXT rc4 stable None 2010-02-11 This version supports various levels of durability. This can be controlled by...
PBXT rc3 stable None 2009-09-29 This release includes XA/2-phase commit support and online backup.
PBXT rc2 stable None 2009-06-30 This is the second release candidate.
PBXT rc1 1.0.07-rc None 2008-12-18 The first Release Candidate
PBXT 1.5.02-beta 1.5 None 2010-07-15
PBXT 1.5.01-beta 1.5 None 2010-06-10
PBXT 1.5 stable None not yet released This version changes the way the data logs are written to use the same method...
PBXT 1.1 stable None not yet released This release will include improvements to disk bound performance, and memory ...
PBXT 1.0.11-6 pre-ga None 2010-07-08
PBXT 1.0.11-5 pre-ga None 2010-06-18
PBXT 1.0.11-2 pre-ga None 2010-05-26
PBXT 1.0.11 pre-ga None 2010-05-12
PBXT 1.0.10i rc4 None 2010-03-17
PBXT 1.0.10g rc4 None 2010-02-11
PBXT 1.0.09g rc3 None not yet released
PBXT 1.0.09f rc3 None 2009-11-30
PBXT 1.0.09e rc3 None 2009-11-20 Modifications to compile with MySQL 5.1.41
PBXT 1.0.09d rc3 None 2009-09-30
PBXT 1.0.08 rc2 None 2009-06-30
PBXT 1.0.01-rc 1.1 None 2010-06-11
PBXT 1.0.10n rc4 2010-04-28 2010-04-27
PBXT 1.0.10c rc4 2009-12-29 2009-12-29