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Packagedepends provides a web-based partial front-end to the repositories used by apt on the machine it's running on that allows users to download a package and its dependencies as a tarfile.

Packagedepends consists of a simplistic parser for the files that normally reside in /var/lib/apt/lists and (at the moment) an even simpler web-based fronted consisting of not much more than an search form that outputs a list of links. When a user clicks a link (which is a package name), packagedepends downloads the package and it's dependencies, adds them to a .tar.gz file and sends them to the user.

If you're interested in contributing, feel free to branch (of course) and / or drop me an email at, including "packagedepends" in the subject line.

A demo-page (demo because it's hosted on my poor little machine in my house) can be viewed / used at

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Latest version is 0.5
released on 2008-07-27

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