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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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6 Frank Cizmich
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Bugs Fixed:
Fixed bug 1287253: pt-table-checksum would exit with error if it would encounter deadlock when doing checksum. This was fixed by retrying the command in case of deadlock error.
Fixed bug 1311654: When used with Percona XtraDB Cluster, pt-table-checksum could show incorrect result if --resume option was used. This was fixed by adding a new --replicate-check-retries command line parameter. If you are having resume problems you can now set --replicate-check-retries N , where N is the number of times to retry a discrepant checksum (default = 1 , no retries). Setting a value of 3 is enough to completely eliminate spurious differences.
Fixed bug 1299387: pt-query-digest didn’t work correctly due to a changed logging format when field Thread_id has been renamed to Id. Fixed by implementing support for the new format.
Fixed bug 1340728: in some cases, where the index was of type “hash” , pt-online-schema-change would refuse to run because MySQL reported it would not use an index for the select. This check should have been able to be skipped using --nocheck-plan option, but it wasn’t. Option --nocheck-plan now ignores the chosen index correctly.
Fixed bug 1253872: When running pt-table-checksum or pt-online-schema on a server that is unused, setting the 20% max load would fail due to tools rounding the value down. This has been fixed by rounding the value up.
Fixed bug 1340364: Due to incompatibility of dash and bash syntax some shell tools were showing error when queried for version.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1287253 #1287253 pt-table-checksum deadlock 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1299387 #1299387 5.6 slow query log Thead_id becomes Id 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1311654 #1311654 pt-table-checksum + PXC inconsistent results upon --resume 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1340728 #1340728 pt-online-schema-change doesn't work with HASH indexes 4 Medium Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1253872 #1253872 pt-table-checksum max load 20% rounds down 5 Low Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
1340364 #1340364 some shell tools output error when queried for --version 5 Low Frank Cizmich  10 Fix Released
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