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7 Alexey Kopytov, 2 George Ormond Lorch III, 1 Hartmut Holzgraefe, 2 Sergei Glushchenko
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Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona XtraBackup 2.0.5 on January 23rd, 2012. Downloads are available from our download site here and Percona Software Repositories.

This release is the current GA (Generally Available) stable release in the 2.0 series.

New Features:

    New option --defaults-extra-file has been introduced. This option specifies from what extra file to read the default MySQL options before the standard defaults-file. It can be used to load the user/password combination for the dedicated backup user from a separate configuration file, to avoid storing it in the crontab or a script somewhere in the system.

Bugs Fixed:

    In case of streaming backups, innobackupex would resume the XtraBackup process and then wait for it to finish before running UNLOCK TABLES. This caused database to be unnecessarily locked with FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK. Innobackupex now waits only till log copying is finished to unlock the databases. Bug fixed #1055989 (Alexey Kopytov).
    innobackupex error messages referencing the data directory have been extended to show the path of the data directory mentioned in the error message. Bug fixed #1089375 (Hartmut Holzgraefe).
    Partitioned tables were not correctly handled by the --databases, --include, --tables-file options of innobackupex, and by the --tables and --tables-file options of XtraBackup. Fixed by removing the partition suffix (#P#…) before doing filtering. Bug fixed #711166 (Sergei Glushchenko).
    When built-in compression was used, XtraBackup was doing unbuffered writes to the destination file or stream in very small chunks which in return caused inefficient I/O. Fixed by using a 1M buffer for output similar to the uncompressed backups. Bug fixed #1095249 (Alexey Kopytov).
    Unnecessary long sleep() in innobackupex lead to FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK taking too long. Fixed by replacing 2 seconds sleep interval with 100 milliseconds one. Bug fixed #1095551 (Sergei Glushchenko).
    If innobackupex would crash it would leave the xtrabackup_suspended file on the filesystem. This could then cause innobackupex to think XtraBackup has suspended itself the moment it started, and then when XtraBackup actually does suspend itself, innobackupex would wait for it to end and wouldn’t re-remove the suspend file, leading to a wait deadlock. Fixed by removing the stale xtrabackup_suspended file when innobackupex is started. Bug fixed #1007446 (George Ormond Lorch III).
    innobackupex would fail to recognize MariaDB 5.2 and MariaDB 5.3. Fixed by augmenting version checks in innobackupex. Bug fixed #733665 (Daniël van Eeden, Alexey Kopytov).

Other bug fixes: bug fixed #924492 (Alexey Kopytov), bug fixed #1097158 (Alexey Kopytov), bug fixed #1081882 (Alexey Kopytov), bug fixed #1096584 (Alexey Kopytov).

Release notes with all the bugfixes for Percona XtraBackup 2.0.5 are available in our online documentation. Bugs can be reported on the launchpad bug tracker.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
711166 #711166 Partial backups do not work with partitioned tables 3 High Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1055989 #1055989 innobackupex waits for streaming temporary log file to finish before unlocking tables 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1081882 #1081882 xb_parallel_incremental test sporadically fails 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1095249 #1095249 Built-in compression does inefficient I/O 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1095551 #1095551 Unnecessary long sleep() in innobackupex leads to FTWRL taking too long 3 High Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1096584 #1096584 Test suite may kill unrelated processes due to stale PID files 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1007446 #1007446 innobackupex should remove stale xtrabackup_suspended file on start 4 Medium George Ormond Lorch III  10 Fix Released
1097158 #1097158 xb_log_overwrap fails sporadically in Jenkins 4 Medium Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
924492 #924492 Sporadic "buf_LRU_old_ratio >= 51" assertion failures in 5.1 debug builds in Jenkins 5 Low Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1089375 #1089375 Actual directory path not included in if_directory_exists_and_empty() error messages 5 Low Hartmut Holzgraefe  10 Fix Released
733665 #733665 innobackupex-1.5.1 should recognize mariadb database versions 6 Wishlist Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
740489 #740489 Feature Request: Add --defaults-extra-file param to innobackupex 6 Wishlist George Ormond Lorch III  10 Fix Released
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