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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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Non-default value for innodb_log_block_size variable would cause assertion when preparing the backup. Bug fixed #1391216.
When Percona XtraBackup would run FLUSH ENGINE LOGS during the backup process on GTID master, command was recorded to the slave’s binary log as well, which lead to inconsistency between master and slave. Fixed by adding the NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG clause to FLUSH ENGINE LOGS to avoid interfering with binary log and inconsistency with coordinates. Bug fixed #1394632.
Exporting tables was inefficient when backup contained a large (and unrelated) change buffer. Bug fixed #1366065 (Davi Arnaut).
innobackupex was printing the GTID even if the GTID mode was disabled which could cause confusion since it wasn’t incrementing. Now it prints only GTID when GITD mode is enabled and when GTID mode is disabled it prints only filename and position. innobackupex still prints GTID, filename and positions if MariaDB server is being backed up. Bug fixed #1391041.
Other bugs fixed: #1386157.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1391216 #1391216 Xtrabackup 2.2.5 fails with non-default innodb_log_block_size in 5.6.19 3 High Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1394632 #1394632 "FLUSH ENGINE LOGS" bring inconsistency into GTID-enabled slave 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1366065 #1366065 Exporting tables is inefficient when backup contains a large (and unrelated) change buffer 4 Medium Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1391041 #1391041 innobackupex should skip GTID output is GTID_MODE is OFF 4 Medium Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1386157 #1386157 Memory leaks in 5 Low Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
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