Registered 2009-08-04 by Anton Danilchenko

phpDays - flexible php5 framework for rapid site development

phpDays features:
 - MVC architecture
 - ORM support
 - Ajax support
 - YAML configuration
 - database abstraction (Mysql, Pgsql, Mssql, etc)
 - excellent quickstart guide
 - logging in file or FirePHP
 - best community
 - and your ideas!

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Anton Danilchenko
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MIT / X / Expat Licence

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  • phpDays 1.1 beta4 on 2009-12-06
    In this release simplified process of creation new application. Also fixed ma...
  • phpDays 1.1 beta2 released on 2009-11-18
    Fixed many bugs. Added class Days_Event - Observer design pattern implementat...
  • phpDays 1.1 beta1 on 2009-10-27
    Available new beta release of phpDays 1.1. In this release fixed bugs from p...
  • phpDays 1.0 final on 2009-10-27
    Released first final release of phpDays. Now in development next release - p...
  • Released php:Days 1.0 beta3 on 2009-09-21
    Today released phpDays 1.0 beta3. In this release fixed bugs and improve ORM ...