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PHPMyExport is a PHP written script. It allows webmasters, administrators and any database users to dump and store the databases.
Documentation can be found here:

PHPMyExport is an easy, fast and powerful PHP class, which allows multiple databases dump. This tool is to replace the mysqldump tool, unavailable for hosted websites, not user-friendly or just too complicated to use. It provides a web based interface, for an easy going backup and security system.

PHPMyExport is embeded with ADODB, it supports many many database types: mysql, mysqli, postgresql, sqllte, mssql, access, ...
PHPMyExport can list the databases and the tables of a given host. It allows you to choose very precisely what database/table you wanna backup.
PHPMyExport supports many dump methods: you can either display the dump, append it into in file, force the download of the file or reinject directly the dump in another host/database/table.

Documentation can be found here:

Demo version can be found here:
Driver: mysql
User: phpmyexport
Pass: demo
Warning: the demo might not be fully fonctionnal as the project is still under development

This is the very new version I offering now. This is just a Beta version. The Web Based interface is not coded yet.
Your help would be appreciated (

PHPMyExport new version is written in PHP5. Older versions will not be supported any longer. Only up-to-date servers will be able to process and execute this application. For more information, see:


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  • At last it works on 2009-02-01
    Good news !! After many weeks without touching that project, I succeeded to g...