Provider for Plainbox - Checkbox 0.20

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Provider for Plainbox - Checkbox
Sylvain Pineau
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1 Daniel Manrique, 4 Po-Hsu Lin, 2 Sylvain Pineau, 1 Taihsiang Ho, 1 Zygmunt Krynicki
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1416231 #1416231 monitor/vga test is skipped although there is a VGA port on the device 2 Critical Taihsiang Ho  10 Fix Released
1443372 #1443372 We need to implement the test for thunderbolt devices 2 Critical Po-Hsu Lin  10 Fix Released
1377266 #1377266 dbus-launch is always wrong to use 3 High Zygmunt Krynicki  10 Fix Released
1439044 #1439044 802.11 ac Wireless cases are skipped 3 High Sylvain Pineau  10 Fix Released
1445593 #1445593 sleep_time_check: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'sleep_time' referenced before assignment 4 Medium Daniel Manrique  10 Fix Released
1447466 #1447466 Current resolution is the Maximum resolution always. 4 Medium Sylvain Pineau  10 Fix Released
1431133 #1431133 Instructions in touchscreen/multitouch-manual job should be more specific 5 Low Po-Hsu Lin  10 Fix Released
1445425 #1445425 Dependency for eSATA / Firewire HDD removal test should be change to insert test 5 Low Po-Hsu Lin  10 Fix Released
1419759 #1419759 [New Test] For laptops, we need a test that checks if a touchpad was recognized 1 Undecided Po-Hsu Lin  10 Fix Released
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