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Stupidly simple.

What Is Plank?

Plank is meant to be the simplest dock on the planet. The goal is to provide just what a dock needs and absolutely nothing more. It is, however, a library which can be extended to create other dock programs with more advanced features.

(Codenames for releases are currently based on the characters of "Ed, Edd n Eddy".)

Reporting Bugs

You can report bugs here:
Please try and avoid making duplicate bugs - search for existing bugs before reporting a new bug!
You also might want to jump on our IRC channel (see below)

Where Can I Get Help?

IRC: #plank on FreeNode - irc://
Common problems and solutions

How Can I Get Involved?

Visit the Launchpad page:
Help translate:
Answer questions:

libplank API documentation --

More information about Vala -- --

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Docky Core
Docky Core

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1.0 series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is 0.11.4
released on 2017-03-27

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