Plank 0.8.0 "May"

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Rico Tzschichholz
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9 Rico Tzschichholz
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Release notes 

 * Use selected-focused background-color from current gtk-theme (LP: #1406462)
 * Add FileDockItem.with_file() and expose OwnedFile
 * plank.pc: Add pkgdatadir and missing dependency on libbamf3
 * Add special theme "Gtk+" which looks in current gtk-theme (LP: #1402272)
 * Only show window-list and use "Close All" for more than one window
   (LP: #1398216) (LP: #1402139)
 * lib: Handle DesktopAppInfo constructors returning NULL
 * Don't hide while obstructed by one of our dialogs
 * Fallback on "application-default-icon" only, otherwise use the internal
   default icon (LP: #1352467)
 * Do not allow multiple dockitems pointing to the same application/launcher
 * Fix gee assert triggered in handle_name_owner_changed (LP: #1393054)
 * Require --enable-new-dtags support
 * Update manpage
 * Fix updating item-positions in panel-mode (LP: #1381518)
 * Accept all supported URIs (LP: #1112519)
 * Allow opening dropped files while LockItems is true
 * Handle additional mouse-events for gtk+ 3.14+ to restore old behaviour
   while the dock-menu is shown
 * Clean up and remove unused public API of position-manager
 * Increase hover-window delay to 200ms
 * Use ActionGroup/ActionMap capabilities to provide global-menu functions
 * Port AbstractMain to inherit directly from Gtk.Application
 * Add simple preferences dialog (hidden in Pantheon environments)
 * Fix some HiDPI issues ()
 * Fix DockContainer destructor name (Fix build with valac 0.27/git-master)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1405237 #1405237 folders disappeared and can't be added again 2 Critical Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1393054 #1393054 plank crashed with SIGABRT in g_assertion_message() 3 High Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1381518 #1381518 Item-positions not updated in panel-mode 4 Medium Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1112519 #1112519 Cannot handle GVFS URIs on drag-and-drop 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1352467 #1352467 default window icon in dock is ugly. 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1398216 #1398216 "close" instead of "close all" when single instance is open 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1402139 #1402139 Don't show a window list when only one window 5 Low Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1402272 #1402272 Look for theme data in /usr/share/themes too. 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
1406462 #1406462 Use selected-focused background-color for indicators 6 Wishlist Rico Tzschichholz  10 Fix Released
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