Registered 2009-06-15 by Vladimir Kolev

This is a very simple python script, witch could be executed in GNOME environment using a Hotkey and copies the current playing song (artist + title) to the clipboard.

Supports various players

A simple script to copy the current playing song from your audi player to the clipboard.
supports following players:
* Banshee
* Exaile
* Rhythmbox
* Listen
* mocp
* cmus
* audacious
* Quod Libet
* jajuk
* Pragha

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Vladimir Kolev
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  • Version 1.1 on 2011-03-12
    Support for cmus and code cleaned, Added License
  • Version 0.8 released on 2009-08-16
    + Added support for Bluemindo
  • Version 0.7 released on 2009-07-28
    Today the version 0.7 was released: - Support for Quod Libet - Support for Li...
  • Sitehosting moved on 2009-07-17
    I've moved the hosting temporary, so the website will be running, till I corr...
  • Website currently down on 2009-07-17
    I'm sorry, but the website of the project will be down for couple of days. On...