Registered 2008-03-24 by René 'Necoro' Neumann

Portato is a GUI for the package manager(s) of Gentoo Linux.

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Python, Cython

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Latest version is 0.14.1
released on 2010-09-06

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  • Portato 0.13.1 released on 2009-11-08
    Small Bugfix Release
  • Moved to git on 2009-10-23
    Portato moved from bzr to git as the SCM sytem. Thus the repositories moved t...
  • Portato 0.13 released on 2009-08-26
    So — there it is: the new Portato release :) Feel free to use it — it still ...
  • 0.12 Release on 2009-03-08
    Here it is - the new 0.12 release :) It took a long time - but hopefully thi...
  • Bug fix release on 2008-09-15
    I released Portato-0.11.1. This is mainly a bugfix release. It also incorpora...