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prokyon3 is a multithreaded music manager and tag editor for Unix (developed on Linux). It was written in C++ using the Qt3 widget set and the MySQL database. prokyon3 can access MP3, Ogg and FLAC files on harddisk, CDROM, SMB and NFS. Files can be played using XMMS (default) or other players. The file view is customizable and favorite artists are supported. prokyon3 also offers an editor for ID3 and Ogg tags and has been designed to support tagging for large quantities of files.

* multithreaded (Qt3 based versions only)
* manages music files on harddisk/cdrom or over network
* search the database by artist, song, album, filename...
* very comfortable editor for ID3 tags
* manages favorite artists
* plays or enqueues music files with XMMS / WinAmp
* uses MySQL as database backend
* configuration editor and database wizard
* access files over SMB and NFS (Linux only)
* playlist editor
* support for Ogg/Vorbis
* access tracks by artist and album
* support for sampler- and soundtrack-albums
* basic drag-n-drop support (Linux only)
* Microsoft Windows port
* smart playlist generator
* rudimental CD burning support
* save GUI setup
* localization (english, french, german, dutch, polish, ...)
* taglib support
* guess tags from path and filename dialog using regex
* musicextras integration (get album covers, artist images, lyrics, ... from the internet and store it within prokyon3)
* support for embedded MySQL including wizard
* FLAC support
* support more album types (normal, sampler, soundtrack, musical, drama, comedy)
* personal review notes
* rating of tracks
* generator takes care of rating
* allow customized SQL queries (free MySQL search) and store them
* cd burning via k3b (supports Audio CD, Data CD, Data DVD)
* export and import playlists (m3u and pls)
* copy tracks to directory (useful for mobile mp3 players)
* preconfigured for several popular players (xmms, amarok, totem)
* Mixxx remote control and Mixxx queues
* basic MusicBrainz support
* supermount and submount support
* album cover thumbnails
* more GUI improvements
* utf8 support
* 64bit platform support

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