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Psiphon is a user-friendly, simple to administer circumvention system. Our aim is simplicity. Psiphon strives for a zero footprint architecture that can be scaled from a home user serving a few friends, to a cloud-based infrastructure serving thousands. Psiphon source code is yours to develop and build on. Psiphon inc is the maintainer of the code base, and the operator of Psiphon's commercial cloud-based services and solutions.

Psiphon 1.x is a light-weight web proxy designed to run on a home PC (MS Windows-based) with no central management component. With Psiphon 1.x, a user asks a friend to run a proxy and can then access blocked sites via his or her friend's Internet connection. The Psiphon 1.x source code is available here: As of September 2010, Psiphon 1.X is no longer officially supported or actively developed by Psiphon inc.

Psiphon 2.x is centrally managed web proxy system deployed by Psiphon Inc. to provide content delivery services through a cloud-based infrastructure. It's designed for larger scale implementations and requires more skills to set up and operate than 1.0. Psiphon 2.X is a link rewriting proxy and therefore suffers from some compatibility with web 2.0 sites.

PsiphonX - is designed to overcome the shortcomings of link-rewriting proxies which made it difficult and cumbersome to view web 2.0 sites like YouTube and Facebook. PsiphonX runs from a single executable file which configures the Internet proxy settings of a machine to point HTTP traffic to a local proxy that then forwards the traffic to a Psiphon in-proxy via a secure connection (via an SSH Tunnel). When the user quits PsiphonX, the original Internet configuration is reset.

We are also planning on relaunching Psiphon 1.X as a new product code-named "Swarm". The objective is to develop a version of Psiphon that can be loaded onto a plug computer and managed through a simple user GUI.

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