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PyGL3Display is a high performance, OpenGL, 2D sprite library for Python/Pygame with a simple API. NOTE: This project is maintenance-only, with a view to becoming depreciated.

NOTE: This project is maintenance-only, with a view to becoming depreciated. PyGL3Display taught me a lot about graphics etc, but ultimately it can only be described as a good "first try" (at best). There's a few architectural issues which cannot be resolved without breaking the API, and hence I'm working on a new successor project (not yet public). If someone sees this message and decides they want to take over the project, please get in touch, but my own opinion is that PyGL3Display is fundamentally defective in it's "high performance" goal, as well as being somewhat hard to use, and therefore is not appropriate unless no other alternative can be found.

Python 2.x, Pygame, PyOpenGL, OpenGL 2.0 compliant system

Note that PyGL3Display is not being actively developed anymore.

Primary Goals:
1. Near optimal performance when compared to a more involved solution.
2. Use GPU shaders as much as possible, as Python programs are much more likely to be CPU bound.
3. Clean, easy to use "normal" API, which also has an advanced mode for people who want the absolute maximum in performance and don't mind getting their hands dirty. For normal use, the API should not be any more difficult to use than Pygame.

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David Griffin
David Griffin
GNU GPL v2, GNU GPL v3, Other/Open Source
(In addition to open source licensing, commercial licenses can be negotiated.)

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Latest version is 2.0
released on 2013-11-28

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