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A powerful particle effects engine for Pygame.

As anyone who has tried it will know, writing particle effects for games is often a long and arduous process, especially if said effects need to render in real time and interact with the environment. PyIgnition is a particle effects engine written for use in Pygame which sets out to make the process significantly easier and faster. It allows you to define an unlimited number of sources, gravities (which can easily be adjusted to function as wind and other natural forces) and obstacles (which particles will bounce off), and simulates the results in real time. Almost every parameter is individually keyframeable, allowing you to create complex particle-based animations with just a few lines of code, and particles can be anything from simple presets (circles, lines etc.) to magnificently-drawn sprites imported as images (although you'll have to supply the magnificently-drawn sprites...).

If you have any queries regarding the project or would like contribute, you can contact me at

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