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Two Python modules that can be used to send commands to the Klik Aan Klik Uit TPC-300 domotica module.

The TPC300 is a home control unit that can control KlikAanKlikUit devices in your home.

These Python modules allow you to send simple commands from python to control KlikAanKlikUit devices individually or to activate a pre-programmed scene.

There is a Windows only module, that uses the DLL provided (but not supported) by Klik Aan Klik Uit.
Also a module usable in Linux, using pyUSB to send the commands as raw bytes to the USB port.

The Linux module was created by reverse-engineering the commands. By monitoring the USB port and sending different KaKu commands using the DLL mentioned above, the bytes sent for each KaKu command could be determined and replicated.

The code is directly usable from Python. A goal will be to integrate this into a micro web framework like Flask, so it's usable as a http API from other languages/environments.

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