pyOpenSSL 0.9 Released

Written for pyOpenSSL by Jean-Paul Calderone on 2009-04-28

I'm happy to announce the release of pyOpenSSL 0.9. This release includes several new features and a very important bug fix:

  * APIs have been introduced to get and set the version of an X509 request
  * Contexts now support loading CA certificates for verification from a specified directory or from the platform's default certificate store
  * DTLS-related constants, OP_NO_QUERY_MTU, OP_COOKIE_EXCHANGE, and OP_NO_TICKET are now exposed
  * X509Extension now has the `get_short_nameĀ“ method for retrieving the short form of the extension type
  * It is now possible to create extensions which use any of the three possible OpenSSL implementation approaches
  * FILETYPE_TEXT can be used to dump keys, certificate, and CSRs in text format
  * Various compiler warnings have been fixed
  * A bug triggered by almost all uses of pyOpenSSL from multiple threads and leading to a crash has been fixed

Many thanks to numerous people who contributed patches to this release.

You can find pyOpenSSL 0.9 in the downloads area of the SourceForge project page:

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