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Python interface to the OpenSSL library

pyOpenSSL has moved to <>.

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  • pyOpenSSL 0.12 released on 2011-04-12
    This release fixes an incompatibility with Python 2.7 involving memoryviews....
  • pyOpenSSL 0.11 on 2010-11-02
    I'm happy to announce the release of pyOpenSSL 0.11. The primary change fro...
  • pyOpenSSL 0.10 released on 2009-11-14
    pyOpenSSL 0.10 exposes several more OpenSSL APIs, including support for runn...
  • pyOpenSSL 0.9 Released on 2009-04-28
    I'm happy to announce the release of pyOpenSSL 0.9. This release includes se...