Pythoscope 0.4.2-dependency-cleanup

The goal of this milestone is to make pythoscope more compatible, backward (Python 2.3), forward (Python 2.6) and... well, sideways (users without setuptools).

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Michal Kwiatkowski
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9 Michal Kwiatkowski
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Release notes 

The goal of this release was to make Pythoscope compatible with different Python versions and different environments. Pythoscope now supports Pythons 2.3 through 2.6 and the interpreter is the only thing needed to install and use the tool. We have a test suite that will help us make sure we retain compatibility in future releases.

Apart from the compatibility improvements we also fixed a few bugs along the way. There are still some know issues, and those were moved to the 0.4.3 milestone, which will be released before the end of this year (and rather sooner than later, I hope). Check out for details.

It's also worth mentioning that Pythoscope has been successfully tested on Python's standard library, so it looks like static inspection is quite reliable. Big thanks go to Ryan Freckleton for the idea and bug reports.

To install/update get the source package from and run:

  $ python install

or simply use setuptools:

  $ easy_install pythoscope==0.4.2


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Full summary of changes:
* Removed dependency on fixture module (
* Fixed test generation bug related to function definitions with varargs (
* Dynamic inspector can now handle all types of exceptions, including string exceptions (
* Frequently Asked Questions document has been created, also available online (
* Added support for Pythons 2.3 through 2.6.
* New imports added by Pythoscope are now placed after existing ones, so they don't cause a syntax error when __future__ imports were used (
* Fixed inspection bug related to classes deriving from namedtuple instances (
* Setuptools is no longer required for installation.

5 blueprints and 4 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Stop using the fixture module for testing 4 High Michal Kwiatkowski  11 Implemented
Better exception handling 3 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  11 Implemented
Don't require setuptools for installation 3 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  11 Implemented
Support Python 2.3 3 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  11 Implemented
Support Python 2.6 3 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
440773 #440773 Function with *args type param causes invalid test code 3 High Michal Kwiatkowski  10 Fix Released
373978 #373978 New tests add imports above from __future__ import 4 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  10 Fix Released
460715 #460715 astvisitor.derive_class_name throws exception on call syntax in base classes 4 Medium Michal Kwiatkowski  10 Fix Released
311778 #311778 test fails on atexit 5 Low Michal Kwiatkowski  10 Fix Released
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