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New search engine plugin support

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Christophe Dumez
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Another beta release


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beta5->beta6 changelog:
- FEATURE: Split download tab from GUI class and cleaned up code
- FEATURE: A lot of code optimization (CPU & memory usage)
- FEATURE: Added support for .ico format (useful for RSS favicons)
- FEATURE: Replaced Meganova search engine by TorrentReactor
- FEATURE: Brand new search engine plugins system
- FEATURE: Added btjunkie search plugin (with multipage support)
- FEATURE: Search engine, added multipage support for mininova search plugin
- I18N: Updated Greek, Dutch and Romanian translation
- I18N: Removed no longer maintained Traditional chinese translation
- BUGFIX: Made torrent deletion from hard-drive safer
- BUGFIX: Fixed a bug when switching from finished to downloading list
- BUGFIX: Showing checking progress for paused torrents too
- BUGFIX: Fixed progress column sorting on startup
- BUGFIX: Prevent downloadFromUrl flooding
- BUGFIX: Fixed pause state toggle for paused and checking torrents
- BUGFIX: Made finished list context menu more similar to the download list one
- BUGFIX: Fixed Pause/Start action in lists context menus
- BUGFIX: Improved ETA calculation
- BUGFIX: ETA was wrong for torrents with filtered files
- BUGFIX: Display the torrent that are being checked as 'checking' in seeding list
- BUGFIX: Fixed file preview and improved previewable files detection
- BUGFIX: Do not store and calculate ETA values for finished/paused torrents
- BUGFIX: Fixed memory leak in GUI

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