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- The code should compile just fine and the only dependency that requires compiling is libtorrent-rasterbar and boost. - An installer should be provided on Sourceforge (including python install) - Qt4 can be linked dynamically and dlls should be next to the exe (other libs can be compiled statically) Compilation on...
ui improvement for qBittorrent
I'm missing the following features, which were available in uTorrent for Windows: 1. The number of Seeders and Amount Uploaded should be visible in the Finished tab (reasons: if I'm seeding a torrent for which there are already hundreds of seeders, I may opt to stop seeding it in favor of a less popular file). 2...
Tracker authentication code is still pretty basic in qBittorrent. We should improve it and add some features: - Remember login credentials on restart Does anybody know a tracker that require authentication so that I can make some tests?

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