QBzr 0.21.3 released

Written for QBzr by Alexander Belchenko on 2012-04-05

On behalf of QBzr developers I'd like to announce maintenance release
of QBzr 0.21.3. QBzr 0.21 series is companion to bzr 2.4 series.

Maintenance release.

 * Avoid AttributeError on 'is_ignored' from treewidget filtering involving
   unversioned files that have been moved. (Martin Packman, Bug #557603)
 * Stringify tab_width settings while writing it to branch config.
   (Workaround for bug #912344, Alexander Belchenko)
 * Don't use deprecated API (bzrlib.builtins.tree_files).
   (Alexander Belchenko, Bug #776241)

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