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Linaro QEMU
Peter Maydell
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Release notes 

Linaro QEMU 2011.03-1 is the second release of qemu-linaro. Based off upstream (trunk) qemu, it includes a number of ARM-focused bug fixes and enhancements.

This release includes a model of the ARM Versatile Express platform. This is still experimental but may be of use to people who want a model supporting up to 1GB of RAM with graphics and networking. Instructions for getting started with it are on the wiki:

Other interesting changes include:
 - The OMAP emulation bug which was causing hangs if Linux tried to enable a swapfile is fixed
 - The OMAP UART model has been improved; this fixes the problem where kernels using the new omap-hsuart serial drivers stopped serial output halfway through boot.
 - As usual, various minor correctness fixes and other upstream changes

Known issues:
 - The beagle and beaglexm models do not support USB, so there is no keyboard, mouse or networking (#708703)

The only change over the shortlived 2011.03-0 is that the last minute bug #731093 has been fixed (versatilepb models would crash on startup.)


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version 2011.03-1:
 - Fixes #731093: models with a PL181 (including vexpress-a9,
   versatilepb and realview) would crash unless an SD card
   image was specified for each PL181

version 2011.03-0:

 - Introduces a model of the ARM Versatile Express with
   Cortex-A9MPx4 daughterboard ("vexpress-a9")
 - Fixes #644961: linux-user mode now supports epoll syscalls
 - Fixes #721801: linux-user mode llseek on 64 bit hosts no longer
   truncates the returned seek position to 32 bits
 - Fixes #714600: OMAP3 UARTs now handle the extensions beyond
   16550A compatibility; in particular Linux images using the
   omap-hsuart driver can now boot to a shell prompt
 - Fixes #714606: an SD card model bug was causing spurious
   "not in Sending-Data state" messages on OMAP3
 - Fixes #716336: should now compile on SPARC
 - Fixes #713101: the OMAP3 MMC model no longer causes Linux
   to hang if it tries to enable a swapfile
 - Has a number of minor ARM instruction correctness fixes
 - Partial fix for #728630: linux-user mode now has a dummy
   implementation of prlimit64 to silence the warnings when
   running newer versions of apt, pending a proper implementation
   of this syscall.

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731093 #731093 Versatile PB segfaults on start 5 Low   10 Fix Released
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