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qpdfview is a tabbed document viewer.

It uses Poppler for PDF support, libspectre for PS support, DjVuLibre for DjVu support, CUPS for printing support and the Qt toolkit for its interface.

Current features include:
* Outline, properties and thumbnail panes
* Scale, rotate and fit
* Fullscreen and presentation views
* Continuous and multiple-page layouts
* Search for text
* Configurable tool bars
* Configurable keyboard shortcuts
* Persistent per-file settings
* SyncTeX support
* Rudimentary annotation support (with Poppler version 0.20.1 or higher)
* Rudimentary form support
* Support for PostScript and DjVu documents

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Adam Reichold
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trunk series 

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qpdfview trunk series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 0.4.9
released on 2014-03-23

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  • qpdfview 0.4.9 released on 2014-03-23
    Version 0.4.9 was just released adding an experimental Fitz plug-in and impro...
  • qpdfview 0.4.8 released on 2014-01-26
    We just released version 0.4.8 adding support for restoring closed tabs and f...
  • qpdfview 0.4.7 released on 2013-12-01
    Version 0.4.7 was just releasing improving support for links and forms in PDF...
  • qpdfview 0.4.7beta1 released on 2013-11-16
    We just released the first beta of version 0.4.7 adding several interesting f...
  • qpdfview 0.4.6 released on 2013-10-13
    We just released version 0.4.6 adding several interesting improvements to fun...