queXF 1.17.0

ICR improvements by Damien Zammit along with some more intuitive import steps.

Ability to detect box style edges and manual banding improvements. Also ability to use text OCR for form numbers (instead of barcodes).

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Adam Zammit
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Manual banding has been updated to allow for box group merging and the creation of free text boxes in empty space (no borders required). Page corners can now be solid boxes instead of corner lines. An update to the queXML PDF generation functions will mirror this change. OCR (in addition to ICR) can be enabled (using tesseract) to allow for printed numbers to be read from the form (including as page 'barcodes'). A secondary position for page barcodes can also be defined if you wish to place them in different places on different forms. Many bugs have also been fixed. Damien Zammit has contributed improvements to the ICR functionality including improving the detection algorithm and implementing smarter aspect ratio conversions.


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queXF 1.17.0 - Changes since 1.16.0

*New Feature: Update banding to allow for the merging of box groups (select over existing boxgroups to merge) and the creation of free text boxes on empty space
*New Feature: DELETE_ON_VERIFICATION will delete system generated data on verification to keep the database lean
*New Feature: Box edge detection as well as corner edge detection
*New Feature: OCR_ENABLED can be set to allow for form OCR using tesseract (can use as page identifiers or just to read printed text)
*New Feature: Secondary position for a form barcode can be defined in the config file

*Fixed Bug: Give error message if GS 9.10 installed which has bug - Added reference to bug lp:1328917 in testconfig
*Fixed Bug: ICR Improvements (Thanks to Damien Zammit) - Updated detection algorithm - Reduce narrowness in aspect ratio when thinning
*Fixed Bug: lp:1386971 ICR reject or reassign an image when manual training
*Fixed Bug: ICR - Selecting all images at once exhausts memory
*Fixed Bug: Image not displaying when zoomed and not in database
*Fixed Bug: lp:1388658 Training ICR includes unverified images
*Fixed Bug: Replace short tags with full php tags

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Improve the accuracy of ICR Improve the accuracy of ICR 1 Undefined Adam Zammit  7 Good progress
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1388658 #1388658 Training ICR includes unverified images 3 High Adam Zammit  10 Fix Released
1386971 #1386971 ICR reject or reassign an image when manual training 1 Undecided Adam Zammit  10 Fix Released
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