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Quickly helps you create software programs (and other things) quickly. You can select from a set of application templates and use some simple commands to create, edit code and GUI, and publish your software for others to use.

Quickly's templates are easy to write. So if you are a fan of language foo, you can create a foo-project template. Or if you want to help people making plugins for your killer app, you can make a killer-app-plugin template. You can even create a template for managing corporate documents, creating your awesome LaTeX helpers. The sky is the limit!

We can be joined on IRC on #quickly on freenode. Don't hesitate to give us feedback!

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Latest version is 12.08.1
released on 2012-08-21

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  • 11.04 Released on 2011-04-04
    This is the stable release culmination of the 11.04 development series. Ther...
  • Quickly 11.03.1 on 2011-02-03
    This is an unstable release leading up to a stable 11.04. This release adds ...
  • Quickly 11.03 Released on 2010-12-04
    This is the first unstable release leading up to a stable 11.04. This releas...
  • Quickly 0.6.1 released! on 2010-10-06
    This is a bugfix release fixing some crashers and lot of gotchas to get Quick...
  • Quickly 0.6 released! on 2010-09-14
    New Quickly release, with tons of features and bug fixes from a lot of differ...