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Quickshot is a program designed for capturing a large number of screenshots in different languages. It's principally designed for use with the Ubuntu Manual Project, but should be able to be tweaked for different projects and uses.

For the Ubuntu Manual Project, we have around 50 screenshots in our publication. That publication is translated into over 40 different languages, and we need the screenshots to also be translated. 50 x 50 = 2500 screenshots that would otherwise manually have to be captured, cropped, resized and set to the correct dpi - then uploaded into some sort of consistent and organized structure.

Also, due to the tight timeframe that our project has, we need to get these screenshots in around two months - which means there will be a lot of people getting screenshots. The more people working on it, the less efficient it is. It becomes harder to teach them all the correct way of doing things, and the likelihood of errors increases.

Quickshot is designed to simplify and automate a lot of this process.

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