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Let's make Python programming for Ubuntu even more easy and fun!

Quickly Widgets is a library of Pygtk Widgets and other modules. I created Quickly Widgets because there are certain modules that I wrote that I end up copying into my Python projects over and over again. Quickly Widgets will provide a dependency so I can keep all the code in one place.

Quickly Widgets is kind of like libsexy ( except Quickly Widgets is written entirely in Python. Also, sexy makes it easier to access advanced Gtk features, but Quickly Widgets tries to make it easier to accomplish common basic tasks in Python and Gtk on Ubuntu.

So far Quickly Widgets has, among others:

 • AsynchTaskProgressBox - Easily add a thread to your python programming. Just give it a function to run on a thread, all the threading code is taken care of for you.

 • DictionaryGrid - Make a TreeView with just a few lines of code. Just give it some dictionaries to display, and all the set up is done for you. DictionaryGrid also comes with GridFilters to make it easy and fun to add filtering UI to your app.

 • PressAndHoldButton - A button that fires tick events so long as the user keeps it held down.

 • Prompts - Get input from users using one liners, like to get a date from the user.

Contributions welcome!

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