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DBus Face Recognition service daemon

QuiEstLa is a D-Bus service daemon that provide Face Recognition based on OpenCV to each application that need it.

Just connect to the D-Bus service interface org.zedroot.QuiEstLa and get faces positions of your picture.
That's simple and easy for all applications.

==== Install dependences ====

To make QuiEstLa running on your machine, you must install these dependences:
python 2.6, OpenCV 2.0, dbus 1.2, dbus for python

sudo apt-get install python python-opencv dbus python-dbus

==== Get sources ====

Currently no package is available, but I plained to make it in the future. So the only way is to get sources from LP via Bazaar:
bzr branch lp:quiestla

==== Start QuiEstLa and use it ====

QuiEstLa is a DBus daemon. To start it, open a terminal in the source folder and execute the and the service is available.

To use it with your pictures, I have write a Test Client application that use the DBus service to search faces in a picture.
In the folder of sources, you should find a folder test_client/ where is this test client. Open a terminal in that folder and execute the file and use the GTK UI.

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