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This project implements a pseudo-random data and query generator that can be used to test any Perl DBI, JDBC or ODBC-compatible SQL server, in particular MySQL, but also JavaDB and PostgreSQL.

The Random Query Generator is a new tool for generating complete databases and executing queries against them for the purpose of functional and stress testing.

The tool is capable of executing test scenarios that include:
* Generate a database from a description of the desired data contents and properties;
* Execute random queries based on SQL templates the queries must conform to;
* Compare the results returned by different server versions, configurations, or storage engines;
* Monitor the server during the test and detect deadlocks, crashes, replication failures and other interesting events;

The tool is useful for the following audiences:
* Storage engine implementors can use the tool to test their code and the way it interacts with features of the core server (such as partitioning and replication);
* Individual users who are eager to break the server will have a powerful weapon in their hands.
* Implementors who wish to evaluate MySQL stability and performance can generate syntetic data and workloads that match the application they are planning to deploy;

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Randgen is no longer being maintained. For an newer alternative to Randgen, see pquery and the pquery framework:

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