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Rapache is a simple tool for remotely managing and configuring an apache2 instance without having to hassle around through configuration files.

Rapache is a python + GTK tool that allows you to configure apache2 and all of its modules.
GPL'd, Its goal is to provide the user with a simple interface to facilitate the work to those who want to set up a web-server in a few clicks.

Rapache has been fixes, so it finally works again. please use last trunk revision.

Latest Version of Rapache is 0.7, downloadable via bzr or PPA (no .tar.gz sorry)

It Features:
- Vhost managing
- Virtualhost normalization to conform Debian policy
- Module managing
- Syntax highliting when showing confs source
- Config files backup and quick restore
- Plugin system
- SSL Plugin, Basic_Auth plugin, Mono plugin, Logging Plugin
- Apache start/stop and status

The 0.8 version is in the works, it will feature:
- SSH Handling (only ubuntu/debian servers)
- Tray icon

Come say Hello on #rapache on freenode.

Additional info may be found:

*Want to help ?* (gasp)
 - Take a look at open bugs, especially: , in most cases sending a simple proof of concept will do :-)

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