New Release v0.3.4

Written for Realtime Sunlight Wallpaper by Carles Sentis on 2011-01-15

This is just a couple of small improvements to the script as suggested here by Kevin Keraudren.

The main change to the code is the time that RSW waits for an internet connection. Before RSW was waiting for up to 5 minutes for an internet connection which makes the application to freeze while waiting. This I thought it was useful while the computer boot up to let the system to get connected to the internet or if the connection was lost unexpectedly. This is now been change down to just 1 minute before RSW gives up until the next time that it has to download the next image which it will be every 30 minutes.

Let me now if some of you find that 1 minute is not enough and I may change again a bit higher perhaps.

Thank you all for your support.

ps - more to come soon

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