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Watch the sun rise, sun set and could system all over the world on this real-time, computer-generated illustration of the earth's patterns of sunlight and darkness or watch the moon phases.

Watch the sunrise and the sunset from all over the world or choose to follow all moon phases during a full day (24 hours). On top of that, Real-time Sunlight Wallpaper can also display computer-generated illustration of the earth's patterns of sunlight and darkness. The clouds are updated every 3 hours with current weather satellite imagery. Because Real-time Sunlight Wallpaper is taking its information from satellites, the provided data is highly accurate.

Real-time Sunlight Wallpaper is a bit more than a simple wallpaper. A simple wallpaper can only "enchant" your desktop with a beautiful image. However, Real-time Sunlight Wallpaper can offer so much more. The sunlight get updated every 30 minutes and a unique clouds display every 3 hours. Because it can track down clouds movement, Real-time Sunlight Wallpaper can prove to be a great observation tool for those who want to observe various meteorological phenomenons' (especially huge storms, hurricanes, etc).

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