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Remark is a markup library to convert BBCode markup to (X)HTML. It available under the GPL-3 license.

It was designed with the following goals in mind.

Liberal input:
    Any input should be able to be accepted and handled in a reasonable an predicable manner.

Strict output:
    All output can be valid XHTML (including properly nested output). Output must be consistent and semantically correct (no line breaks when we really want new paragraphs)

Small learning curve:
    It is as compatible with BBCode as possible, except where it would violate the above requirements. Certain aspects of BBCode are simply broken, they are intentionally dropped.

    It is possible to create new tags or modify current ones with relatively little effort. It does take some programming knowledge though.

At the moment there are two libraries for this language: PHP and Python. We plan to have a compatible Javascript library available in the not too distant future. Also support for output in other markup languages is planned.

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Alan Trick
Alan Trick

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