repoze.who LDAP plugin 1.1a1

The plugin should be usable is the most common situations within organizations and individuals using LDAP for authentication.

Specifically, it should provide a identifier plugin that finds the DN from an email address and a metadata plugin that finds the LDAP groups the authenticated user belongs to.

The documentation should provide configuration examples for the most common situations.

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repoze.who LDAP plugin
Gustavo Narea
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4 Gustavo Narea
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Release notes 

Added SSL support and a more extensible authenticator plugin.


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- Changed the license to the Repoze license.
- Provided start_tls option both for the authenticator and the metadata provider.
- Enable both pattern-replacement and subtree searches for the naming attribute in _get_dn().
- Enable configuration of the naming attribute
- Enable the option to bind to the server with privileged credential before doing searches
- Add a restrict pattern to pre-authentication DN searches
- Let the user choose whether to return the full DN or the supplied login as the user identifier

2 blueprints and 2 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Create the IIdentifier email plugin Create the IIdentifier email plugin 4 High Gustavo Narea  11 Implemented
Create metadata plugin to get the groups Create metadata plugin to get the groups 2 Low Gustavo Narea  2 Deferred
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
363178 #363178 Assumption of DN doesn't work for large organizations. 3 High Gustavo Narea  9 Fix Committed
489557 #489557 no TLS support 3 High Gustavo Narea  9 Fix Committed
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