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RiffDee is an application that handles interrogation of Passive Integrated Transponder tags (pit-tags) through Radio Frequency Identification readers (RFID readers). Glass encased PIT-tags are commonly used to surgically tag animals, since the tag lasts a lifetime and doesn't need a battery. There are also other versions of PIT-tags, for example external ear tags, electronic keys to open locks, or in the form of stickers to keep track of library books. Libraries, retailers, and similar enterprises use high frequency readers while animal tags most often use low frequency (134.1 kHz) since lower frequencies doesn't get absorbed by water.

RiffDee was developed to store data on PIT-tags used to identify fish (although I'm sure it can be used for other purposes). Thousands of salmon are tagged each year both in hatcheries and in the wild and existing software at the time of writing this application was 15-20 years old. RiffDee brings a number of improvements over the old softwares, such as storing tags in a database and getting live statistics about passing fish. The software has been tested with Allflex RM310 and Destron FS-2020 readers, but should work with other brands as well.

The code is currently being worked on solely by the maintainer. However, as soon as the first version has been tried and tested in our project it will be published here as open source and anyone will be able to contribute. The first finished version should be ready in the summer of 2012. There is currently a working version, but improvements need to be made to make the application less specific to our own project, with a more dynamic design.

GUI is based on Qt4 since Qt also provides database connectivity and ethernet functionality.

Future goals include porting over to python 3, as soon as there is full support for matplotlib and other dependencies.

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