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"Sabily Software Center" will be something like ubuntu software center but with many new specification, see details of project to see what I mean.

Assalamo alaykom,

After some real situations I see, and after reviews on Sabily done by other persons (not from sabily team) I can see some redundant issues, I have a new idea to improve Sabily project and solve some of these problems.
First of all, I would like to ask some questions that this new idea has the answers:
- When we add a new software into Sabily project (like Alfanous in next few days) how users can know about it --> they should go to Synaptic and see what new software exist for the target Sabily PPA --> not really a good idea: simple users won't do that and advanced users has no time to take a look each period on that!
- When someone install one or many software powered by Sabily in their minimal version how can he know that there is many other addons? let's take an example Zekr, how the user will know that Sabily provide translation packages ready for install? how he will know that there is offline recitations of The Holy Quran powered by Sabily? (BTW here we should create packages for recitations -a package for each recitation- and put them under or something like that since they will have a big size so perhaps launchpad will refuse them).
- How the user that install the small version or the one who will convert an existing ubuntu into Sabily will know that there is another repository other than Sabily PPA (the repository of our brother foxoman providing Fsool, Rejall and Arabeyes Quamoos)? and if we will add a new external repository how users will know that?
- How a reviewer will know all Sabily sub-projects with their definitions (descriptions)?

Well what I propose here is to create what I called "Sabily Software Center" (we can change the name after if you like, it is not the matter now), it will be something like ubuntu software center (see attachment #1). I know that using ubutnu software center we can see software that exists under Sabily PPA (see attachment #5) but this is not what I mean, in fact there is many differences between that and the one in my mind:
1- Going to ubuntu software centre and check Sabily PPA repository to see what exists there is not an intuitive task for simple user.
2- This menu contain many software that personally I don't know why they are there like "iagno-server"!
3- This menu don't show dependencies: as I said before translation packages and recitation ones should be related to Zekr package and accessed from it.
4- This software has no "new software added" notifications.

So to capitalize what I mean, Sabily Software centre should:
1- give the user a list of software powered by Sabily with "remove" button for installed ones (see attachment #2) and "install" button for non installed ones (see attachment #3) and "more infos" button that give a short description of the software (see attachment #4).
2- for software that have related addons/data (like Zekr+translations+recitations, Thawab+books, Muallim+data...) Sabily Software Centre should link these software packages to their data/addons packages so user can detect them in easy manner and decide to install them or not.
3- has a notification addons so when a new software is added into one Sabily repositories (official or external one) user should have a notification for that (something like update manager but not for update, just for new software).
4- This software will add Sabily repositories (official PPA and external ones) into Software list so user won't need to do this task, just he installed Sabily Software Centre and then he can start installing sabily software without need to run any additional command, all using a simple and intuitive GUI). and each time we have a new repository all what we need is to release a new version of Sabily Software Centre nad the user will receive an update notification like any other update and all what he need is to run it and the new repository will be added into his software list without that he need to do that.
5- This software should be under GPL license so we can put it under ubuntu official repository and so in our installation page we will not mention any command for installing/upgrading Sabily, just we will say install Sabily Software Centre and then use it to install Sabily and we provide some screenshot for that: it will encourage people to install Sabily (instead of saying open terminal, add PPA, apt-get install sabily....).
6- Sabily Software Centre will be shown under Islamic Software so it will be accessed in an easy manner by any new user, and so any one can see directly (from the software list) what is sabily and what he would like to install).
7- In the future perhaps we can release a "Sabily Software Centre" for each Linux distro and so we will not have Sabily as "ubuntu Muslim edition" but as "Linux Muslim Edition" and for each distro we will put the exact repository (most of our software have an rpm version, so it will be easy to make Sabily on any deb/rpm based distro using this concept).

Well this is what I have in mind in this moment, we can extend this idea after, any proposition is welcome.

We can find new idea like this new one for ubutnu software centre:!+Ubuntu!%29&utm_content=FaceBook
which is useful for software that are not installed under Islamic Software like (Fsool, Rejall, Arabeyes Qamoos, nanny...).

Another time any idea is welcome, any developer is more than welcome

Assalamo alaykom

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