SchoolTool 1.0.6 "summer 2010"

Backport of all bugfixes up to 1.4.2

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summer 2010
Gediminas Paulauskas
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4 Gediminas Paulauskas
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Release notes 

A big update for summer that includes bug fixes and some backported changes up to SchoolTool 1.4.2.

Most visible changes:

- Removed SchoolTool logo from PDF footers.
- Ability to copy courses, timetable schemas, groups and their members from previous school year.
- Added course names to section links in the person view, display Sections and
  Groups in a tree, grouped by school year and term.
- XLS import checks for and reports errors before doing anything.


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New features:
- Removed SchoolTool logo from PDF footers (
- Copy data from previous school year (
- Added course names to section links in the person view, sorting Sections and
  Groups links by school year (

Bug fixes:
- Speed up editing of section learners and instructors (
- XLS Importer catches errors before trying to create objects. (
- Fix Timetable Schemas page for non-manager users (
- Fix timetable display when first day of the week is empty (
- Fix timetable plugin for sampledata (
- Translate "Confirm" button in delete forms correctly.
- Made edit links on person, section and group views available only to managers (
- Display resources of calendar events on weekly view (
- Use semicolon to separate instructors in section's label (
- Prevent the user to enter non-ascii usernames (
- Update translations

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306339 #306339 Server error when importing XLS file 4 Medium Gediminas Paulauskas  10 Fix Released
541673 #541673 progressing to next year 4 Medium Gediminas Paulauskas  10 Fix Released
545793 #545793 Show course name as well as section name in student's profile 4 Medium Gediminas Paulauskas  10 Fix Released
561558 #561558 Remove old logo from PDF footer 4 Medium Gediminas Paulauskas  10 Fix Released
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