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Screenlets 0.1.7 released

Written for Screenlets by Hrotkó Gábor on 2017-02-05

This is a release to make it work with xenial.


- remove non-existent dependencies
- update old dependency versions
- check individual screenlet's required dependencies at startup, instead after load
- weather plugin's api url fix

- change from python-gtkmozembed to python-webkit
- import required dependencies with try-catch, to be able to alert the user for missing dependencies
- some screenlets uses the weather api directly, not through the plugin, so I fixed the urls there also

The following screenlets are not working:
- evolutionContacts
- funnyordie
- LinuxEstoriaStat
- LinuxSerbiaStat
- mainmenu
- places(?)

Screenlets 0.1.6 released

Written for Screenlets by Märt Põder on 2012-01-29

This a maintenance release for Ubuntu Oneiric and hopefully Precise.

Source packages can be found on and Ubuntu packages are available on PPA at

Screenlets framework
  * Fix windows moving around after restart in Unity.
  * Add switching EWMH params for Unity/GNOME, fix focus/drag problems.
  * Fix not showing options if value 'None' exists.
  * By default start screenlet at the center of the screen.
  * Fix web application installing (use Webframe).
  * Present screenlet install dialog with radio buttons.

Individual screenlets
  * Fix:
   - ClearRSS link problem.
   - GoogleCalendar events containing '&' problem.
   - Pidgin signal names and prevent crash
   - Output screenlet handling large content
   - InfoPanel crash on start
     (last three thanks to Nicolas S. Krzywinski)
  * Update:
   - Webframe reworked (Akira Ohgaki)
  * Update translations:
   - Italian, Bulgarian, Hindi, Occitan, Hebrew, Russian,
   - French, Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, Estonian,
   - Japanese, ...
  * Added Webframe to Basic Pack (also used to generate web widgets)
  * New screenlets:
   - FlipClock (Doni Haryanto)
   - DiskIOSpace (Erdem U. Altinyurt)

Updated on 2012-01-29.

Screenlets 0.1.3 released, 0.1.4 soon to come

Written for Screenlets by Märt Põder on 2011-04-21

It's basically the maintenance version to make Screenlets work correctly with new versions of our operation systems after two years of standing still. It seems that this goal is accomplished now. The framework itself is updated as well as the documentation. Besides that...


    * You can install any individual Screenlet as a Debian package from central PPA.
    * You can translate individual Screenlets on Launchpad.


    * Individual Screenlets now translatable on Launchpad.
    * Incorporated most of the patches from bug tracker.
    * Fixed a problem with the theme directories.
    * Fixed icon logic to work with Ubuntu new icon policy.
    * Monochrome icons available by default.
    * Added Compiz setting to make screenlets stick to Desktop.
    * Updated notification area menu and fixed refresh.
    * Updated context menu.
    * Updated some strings, links, translations.
    * Updated the link to get fresh Screenlets.
    * Implemented Debian package requirements check for Screenlets.
    * Created Screenlets debianizer.
    * Created additional packaging system for Debian Screenlets packs.
    * Merged individual Screenlets with Universal Applets Extras.


It's basically to make Screenlets work with Ubuntu 11.04, but there are some other minor fixes/changes.

    * Add Application Indicators support
    * Options rework to make code more intelligible
    * Lyrics screenlet to Basic Pack
    * Make possible to use logging module from Universal Applets
    * Fix flicker and resize grips problems in Natty
    * Some minor fixes and additions for individual screenlets

Besides the release, there is still no much new work on Screenlets. If you care about desktop widgets for GNOME, you are welcome to help us. You can start from or try to contact some team members at #screenlets IRC channel on Freenode.

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Screenlets 0.1 released

Written for Screenlets by Helder Fraga on 2008-04-03

Screenlets new stable release is ready - 0.1 you can get the source here

has always hope packagers can provide packages for diferent distros

Screenlets is a widget framework that consists of small owner-drawn applications (written in Python, a very simple object-oriented programming-language) that can be described as 'the virtual representation of things lying/standing around on your desk'. Sticknotes, clocks, rulers, ... the possibilities are endless. Screenlet also tries to include some compatibility with other widget frameworks,like web widgets and super karamba themes


* Easy to use, easy to develop
* Hundreds of Screenlets available
* Install and run Superkaramba themes
* install google gadgets youminis widgets spring widgets with the widget converter
* Load web apps just like prism
* Full compositing support
* Non composite support (metacity etc)
* Works with any composited X desktop (compiz, xfce4, ...)
* Included themeing-abilities (SVG, PNG or mixed)
* Fully scalable when using SVGs
* Embedded drag&drop-support
* Automated storing of options (using ini or gconf)
* Controllable through customizable DBus-service
* Can be used together with compiz' widget-plugin to create a Dashboard-like feature as seen on OS X
* Free, open-source and released under the GPL
* Uses cairo and GTK2 for drawing and windowing


News in Core.

Improved Stability .
Fixed kwin disapering bug
Support for language/localization
New drawing functions
improved non compostise support
More Superkaramba compatibility
Google gadgets compatibility
Credited Translators / artists / documenters (hope i didnt forget anyone , if i did drop me a msg)

New Screenlets and features

Improved Windowlist Screenlet (expands upwards and left)
Improved Picframe Screenlet (all images formats allowed , new theme)
Improved Notes theme.
Ruler Screenlet goes vertical
Radio now shows song (thanks to smike)
Pager Screenlet now works.
New Youtube Screenlet
New Ring Sensors Screenlet
Stocks Screenlet

New in Screenlet Manager

Allow Installing of google gadgets , yourminis widgets , Spring widgets , Widgetbox.
Allow installing of web application , just like prism
Allows creation of desktop shortcuts for Screenlets
Support for language/localization
Allow to uninstall of Screenlets config files
Options to control non configurated Screenlets

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