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This is the project to develop desktop widgets for Screenlets, a Python framework to simplify writing Cairo-drawn desktop widgets.

Project to develop, fix, modify and translate existing widgets as well as submit new ones. The widgets produced are all published on the Screenlets PPA and a selection of the most suitable of them is distributed with the official Screenlets package.

If you are reporting a bug on an individual Screenlet, please put the name of the Screenlet in the beginning of the summary, e. g. "[FooScreenlet] Foo crashes whenever I click on Bar".
Please include in the report the version number of Screenlets package you are using. Add tags to categorize the bug and to make it operatively accessible for the developers. Thanks.

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Automatically generated PPA of all the Screenlets in the project is at, is meant for developers.

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GNU GPL v3, Creative Commons - Attribution Share Alike, I don't know yet

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Latest version is 0.1.7
released on 2017-01-30

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