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Dependency On Server At Boot

This project enables you to test whether a server is contactable during boot and
execute a series of commands depending on the outcome. It is probably easiest to
understand from an example.

The Problem
You have a laptop which when you are in the office needs to automatically mount
some shares from an internal server. When travelling you don't want the laptop
to attempt to automount the shares because that produces boot errors and boot
delays. So a plain auto entry in /etc/fstab is out.

The Solution
Install this project.
Enter the shares in /etc/fstab with the noauto option.
Add the server to the /etc/dosab/server.list file.
Add the mount commands to a file you create called
/etc/dosab/server-name.available. (In this case if the server is unavailable you
just want to do nothing so there is no server-name.unavailable file.

Now, every time you boot the laptop it will mount the shares if the server is
available and otherwise do nothing.

Actual example files are available in the source tree in src/conf/etc and
installed by the project in $docdir (often /usr/share/doc/server-dependency or

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Mark Grant
Mark Grant

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