Sikuli 0.9.9

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Tsung-Hsiang Chang
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download icon (md5) Sikuli-IDE for Mac OS X 10.5 1,063
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon (md5) Sikuli-IDE for Windows (portable) 4,261
last downloaded 9 weeks ago
download icon Sikuli-IDE-win-20100223.exe (md5) Sikuli-IDE for Windows (installer) 13,390
last downloaded 8 weeks ago
download icon (md5) Sikuli IDE for Linux (i386) 1,279
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
download icon (md5) Sikuli-IDE for Mac OS X 10.6 1,871
last downloaded 15 weeks ago
Total downloads: 21,864

Release notes 

Release notes for Sikuli-20100223 (0.9.9)

= General Notes =
 * Sikuli IDE saves all scripts in UTF-8 since this version. In addtion, paste() also supports unicode strings now, so international characters should be able to "paste" into any applications.
 * If a image pattern can not be found, find() and all actions that implicitly use find() throw a FindFailed exception by default. This exception can be handled by the try-except statement of Python if needed.
 * New API: run(command) - runs a string command and returns its output. This would be useful for running command line programs.
 * The vision engine is recompiled with a optimization flag (O2), so it will be faster a little bit.
 * The key modifier for click is fixed. Now you can do Ctrl+Alt+Shift+click.

= Platform Specific Fixes =

Mac OS X
 * Uses Mac native file dialogs for open/save/export.

 * Fixed Bug #515914 (IDE crashes if VDict takes capture() as a key)
 * Last location of opening files is remembered.

 * Last location of opening files is remembered.

= Bug Fixes =
Bug #515914 IDE crashed when running the note.sikuli sample script
Bug #518491 type command turns characters in message string
Bug #516795 UnknownFormatConversionException: Conversion = 'p'
Bug #523718 setAutoWaitTimeout(0) stops exception handling
Bug #516375 WinXP: "Save as..." doesn't remember last saving location
Bug #517113 MacOS - Save dialog is non-standard and defaults to /
Bug #516233 openApp appears to do nothing in OS X 10.5
Bug #523660 find() if not found throws exception - has problems
Bug #519321 class Key on Windows 7
Bug #525267 type("%") gives UnknownFormatConversionException in IDE
Bug #519916 click modifiers don't work (OS X 10.6)
Bug #517243 Syntax error in


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